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Exciting Things Comimg In 2019

2018 was a pretty amazing year for FOCF. We opened up the North Slope trail system, and already have more projects in the works on the north end. We completed phase 1 of the Little Larch climbing trail and made significant progress on phase 2. And, as always, we maintained mile after mile of existing trail in the Forest. Our efforts are paying off. The Forest remains more rideable than ever and now has opportunities to challenge riders of any skill level. But, we’re also excited about a new project that we’ve been sitting on for some time but that we’re finally ready to start publicizing. Back in 2014 when FOCF officially changed its bylaws to become a MTB advocacy organization, we adopted a mission statement that defined our scope as Capitol Forest “and beyond.” It was cheesy language to be sure, but it has served as a reminder of our desire to seek out riding opportunities close to home. And, over the past couple of years, we’ve been working on making that vision a reality. So, you’ve heard the rumblings, and they’re true: Olympia is getting a bike park on the City-owned 77-acre “Kaiser Woods” adjacent to Sub Black Hills. We are proud to be partnering with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance and the City of Olympia on this project. Evergreen brings unparalleled experience with multiple bike park designs and builds under their belts. They are the quintessential advocacy organization and the best partners we could hope for. The City’s Parks and Development staff have also stepped up big time in recognizing the need and the value for a bike park in town. The first phase of this work is the design, which is in progress. We’ve given Evergreen a tour of the site and discussed some high-level concepts. The next step is outreach to the community to make sure the conceptual designs match what the local community wants to see. That outreach will be coming THIS MONTH from the City and it is imperative that we get full participation from the riding community, not only writing support for a bike park in Kaiser Woods, but with honest assessments of the features you’d like to see. Please, please, please take the time to fill out the survey when it becomes public. We will do our best to make sure it has the best reach possible, but we need your help spreading the word as well. This is an incredible time for mountain biking in the far South Sound, and we can’t wait to see how far “and beyond” will go. Much more is in the works that we’re not quite ready to announce, but we hope you’ll be there for all of it. Yours truly, Kelly Prez, FOCF 

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