Work Party Schedule

We now have three regular opportunities for working in the Forest every month. Our work parties are true low-barrier events. We provide breakfast, lunch, and beverages, plus all the tools you'll need. We even have spare work gloves. All you have to do is show up with a pair of sturdy shoes, some clothes you don't mind staining "Capitol Forest Brown," and a good attitude. No prior experience necessary.

"First Saturday" Work Party

Every first Saturday of the month. 9:00 AM at "the Y" (intersection at the corner of Waddel Creek Road and Sherman Valley Road. These work parties focus on trail maintenance, from drainage work to re-routing sections of trails to building bridges over creeks, these work parties keep the tails riding year round.

DH Trails Work Party

Every third Saturday of the month. 9:00 AM at the entrance to the Straddline ORV Park. We're building advanced trail riding opportunities on the north end of the forest, including an honest-to-goodness DH line. We could not be more excited about these trails, and we think you're gonna be pretty stoked too. These work parties focus on trail construction and tuning these trails up to get them ready for prime time. 

"Level Up Trail" Work Party

Every second Saturday of the month. 9:00 AM at the LLMT BBQ area (halfway down to the Fall Creek TH on the C-6000 road). FOCF is building a new, multi-direction trail in the Fall Creek area that will serve a couple of functions. It will provide several easy options for short loops in the Fall Creek area for kids and other beginner riders. Further up, it will provide a singletrack route to get up to and down from Little Larch Mountain. Eventually, the trail will extend to provide a connection to the GL6 trail. Work parties focus on trail construction and finishing work.


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