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What is the best way to support FOCF? Become a Member!


Friends of Capitol Forest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making Capitol Forest and the South Puget Sound a premier mountain biking destination. We've been at this since 2005, and in that time FOCF has worked tirelessly with land managers, legislators, and other user groups to increase the quality and quantity of mountain biking opportunities in South Puget Sound. We are 100% grassroots, volunteer run, and now - member supported. 


In order to fund our efforts to enhance mountain biking opportunities in the South Sound, we are transforming to a membership model  - to not only sustain a revenue source, but to legitimize our organization as member-driven. This will open up the following exciting opportunities:

  • Corporate Sponsorships 

  • Improved chance of approval for grants

  • Greater recognition as an organization that supports our communities.


We have a lot planned in our Vision for the future of FOCF. We will update this on an annual basis and list it on our membership site. We also hope to have an annual membership meeting (Covid-19 permitting) to showcase our accomplishments, acknowledge our members, and present our future plans. This will coincide with an annual release of our annual report that will make our operations transparent and highlight our accomplishments and future plans.


We are looking for your support, please consider joining us as a member.


As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering swag choices to our founding members. These will only be offered while quantities last!


Please visit our membership site HERE to choose your membership level and swag option. (If you do not want to join as a member, you may also click here to provide an in-kind donation if that is your preference) 


With your membership we offer the following gifts:


Individual Swag Levels:

Individual Membership + (1) Trucker Hat - $55

Family Membership + (1) Trucker Hat - $85

Family Membership + (2) Trucker Hats - $100

Business Swag Levels:

Business Membership + (2) FREE Trucker Hats - $250


Note our standard membership rates without Swag are:

Individual Membership - $35

Family Membership - $65

Business Membership - $250


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