Kelly Wood has been mountain biking since 1994 when he and his brother snagged killer deals on matching Diamondback Sorrentos (fully-rigid and complete with greywalls), loaded up a truck, and hauled out to the nearest ski resort that was taking idiots up the mountain to haul-ass down sketchy cat tracks. 20+ years later, Kelly spends most his time on the bike seeking out stupidly punishing backcountry rides from B.C. to Moab and all points in-between. Kelly has been a MTB advocate since the early 2000s after being tricked into joining the board of BBTC (now Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance). 


Kelly Wood

Successful entrepreneur, family man, and all-around reliable dude, Gordon Carlisle has been a Friend of Capitol Forest since way before it was cool. Whether it's hauling the tool trailer, fixing a berm, or snatching Capitol Forest Classic order from the jaws of chaos, Gordo is FOCF's resident "fixer." 

Vice President

Gordon Carlisle

Erin Roe is FOCF's reigning Queen of Stoke. Erin's mountain bike roots started in Capitol Forest and have now taken her all over the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia (and occasionally the desert southwest). 


Erin Roe

Most of us are really bad at numbers. Jeff Dunn is not. Aside from being a co-owner of Joy Ride Bicycles in Lacey, Jeff is a real life, honest-to-goodness Chief Financial Officer. He's also wicked fast on a bike, road or mountain. When Jeff isn't dominating his class in the Northwest Epic Series, you can spot him churning out "light" days of 40-milers in Capitol Forest from his home near the intergalactic space gopher-created Mima Mounds.


Jeff Dunn

Jeff Cook is a trail work animal. Along with his wife Sharron, Jeff puts in more trail work hours than arguably anyone in the South Sound. Whether it's putting together a massive bridge or fixing a drainage problem with a well-placed culvert, Jeff gets s**t done. 

Work Party Manager

Jeff Cook

Stephanie Earls has been with FOCF since moving down from Seattle in 2014. From there, she quickly established herself as one of the Forest's premiere women shredders. When she's not standing on top of the podium at Cascadia Dirt Cup or Sturdy Dirty races, she manages the Washington State Geology Library.


Stephanie Earls

We like money, which is just one of the many reasons we like Theresa Nation. Using big words that most of us don't understand, Theresa is almost solely responsible for securing the grants that let FOCF do what we do. Theresa also has the honor of being the only person to race the Friday Night Super D series in fishnets and an eight-inch mohawk coming off her helmet.  

Grants Lead

Theresa Nation


Lauren knows the Forest. Seriously, she's a forest geneticist. When she's not trying to figure out how to create genetically-modified sentient trees that will one day take over the world, you can find Lauren riding and running like a banshee. 


Lauren Magalska

The man, the legend. David Snyder is the Mayor of Capitol Forest. You are not worthy in his presence, and that's all you need to know.

The Mayor/Equipment Lead

David Snyder


Oliver Wu might just be the most organized, go-getter we know. A recent addition to the Oly scene, Oliver quickly established himself as a dependable trail advocate and with business sense to boot. It doesn't hurt that he can get shreddy either. 

Membership Coordinator

Oliver Wu


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