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Green Line 6 Work Parties Starting Up This Month

We are ready to start rehabbing the trail so that we can get GL6 open as soon as possible. We have scouted out the impacted parts of the trail, figured out what can be saved and what can't, and now have a plan to get the trail open again. That's where you come in.

Starting on Saturday, February 24th, we will be doing work on upper GL6 the last Saturday of each month. That means FOCF now has a work party every single weekend. The upper switchbacks are in a leave-tree area and are fully intact, so the focus will be on the 1/2 mile section below that got pretty well decimated. Sign up for the first work party today!

We are also looking for someone to step up and volunteer as project lead for organizing these work parties. Because the section is relatively short, this likely won't be a long commitment. Contact us if you're interested.

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