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2018: We need you!

We've reached a very sacred time of year here in the PNW. In about 24 hours, every day for the next six months will be ever so gloriously longer. And in-between bouts of cleaning moss off the roofs of our cars, that's got us thinking... FOCF has had an awesome 2017, but it's time to look ahead at 2018. We are beyond stoked at what next year has in store for the Forest. We are on the cusp of opening up some rad new mileage and starting work on even more. We're also looking forward to what the City of Olympia might have in store for MTBers close to the city. Those who live here, those who ride with us, those just passing through know: the Oly scene is killing it.

What we need now is you. We need the raw person-power to keep these projects moving forward. So, while we're usually coming to you this time of year asking for your money, this year we're asking for your time. We have put our next six months of work parties on our FB Events calendar. What we're asking is this: if you ride in the forest, please commit to *at least* one of those work parties and sign up to the event now so we know you're coming. There is no prior experience needed on either our maintenance work or our new trail builds. We will show you what to do, provide the tools, and feed you. If you're of age, we'll even give you beer when you're done and maybe even shuttle you and your bike for a ride after (if it's not pissing rain).

But, the more people who show up, the faster the work will get done and the quicker we can move on to the rest of our project list (it's a long one). And, if you can't give your time, well, we'll still take your money.

Happy 2018 everyone, and may the Stoke be with you.

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