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North Slope Trail System

Literally years in the making, the North Slope Trail System is a set of advanced/gravity-oriented, purpose-built mountain bike trails on the north side of Capitol Forest. This route is from the 2018 Capitol Forest Cascadia Dirt Cup enduro and it hits it all. Park at the bottom of A-Line, making sure not to park on the ORV property. A short climb up A-Line road leads you to Bowfinger, the first of the "short" trails. After Bowfinger, climb the ORV Tie Trail and the A-5000 to the top of Down and Rowdy. After Down and Rowdy, climb A-Line up to the start of Scoby. Then, finish off with the other short trail, Stormy. These trails are the most technical and steep the Forest has to offer and are for advanced intermediate and expert riders. But, if you feel like you've mastered LLMT, you will not regret your efforts. Expect more to come in this area!

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