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RCO # 18-2464: Capitol State Forest Non-Motorized Trail & Facility Maintenance

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As a mountain biker who frequently uses Capitol Forest, I fully support approval of 18-2464. The Department of Natural Resources will use this grant to conduct trail maintenance on 61 miles of primarily shared use (mountain bike, equestrian, running & hiking) non-motorized trails and facility maintenance at Margaret McKenny Campground & trailhead within Capitol State Forest. Trail maintenance includes brushing, culvert maintenance, installing grade reversals, trail hardening, construction of short re-routes, bridges, kiosks and signs. Non-motorized users, especially mountain bikers, are a the core component of recreational use in Capitol Forest. The forest continues to see an increase in non-motorized use, particularly mountain biking and trail running and equestrian use in winter months. While the non-motorized trails are in much better shape than years ago thanks to the efforts of Friends of Capitol Forest and DNR, more is needed to maintain quality recreational experiences year-round. 

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