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"Level Up"

AKA Climbing Trail


Unless we're on one of JoyRide's gravel grinders, we'll take riding up singletrack over riding up logging roads any day of the week. And, boy, are there few more joyless climbs than slogging up to the top of Little Larch Mountain Trail via the heavily trafficked C-6000 road. A singletrack route up to LLMT was a must-have.

At the same time we were thinking about a more enjoyable, less steep way to get up to LLMT, we also realized that the Forest lacked a true spot where kids and/or those just starting out biking could come to build their skills. From there, the climbing trail, now tentatively called "Level Up," was born.


With this trail, we're killing two birds with one stone. On the kids/beginner side, Level Up will provide three different loop options of increasing length/difficulty out of the Fall Creek area.


  • For beginners, Level 1 climbs from the bottom of the current LLMT on the other side of the C-6000 road. From there, it hooks in to the very lowest part of the LLMT for a short, 1-mile "practice loop."  This section will also have a small skills-building area with some engineered "technical trail features" to help increase confidence on the trails. 

  • Level 2 continues up through the clear cut and Leave Tree area on the north side of the C-6000 road up to the LLMT BBQ area. From there, riders can traverse over to lower LLMT for a solid beginner loop which includes a pump track! 


  • Level 3 is climbing all the way up to LLMT and then descending LLMT from the top.


  • Alternatively, until you're comfortable with LLMT, riders can just turn around and do Level Up as an out-and-back ride for an easier way down from the top.


Please note that much of this was completed as of Fall 2019, but due to logging activity, we had to re-install the trail from the BBQ area to the top of LLMT 

Ultimately, this trail will also connect up with Green Line 6 (via a new connector) to provide a fully singletrack means of hitting LLMT on the way down from Capitol Peak. Want to be part of the fun? See our work party schedule for details

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