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RCO # 18-2466 New Capitol Forest Non - Motorized Trails

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As a mountain bike enthusiast and volunteer with Friends of Capitol Forest, I’d like to express my support for the new Capitol Forest Non-Motorized Trails grant #18-2466. I enjoy riding my mountain bike out of the Mima Falls and McKenny Trailheads, which are great for mountain biking, hiking and equestrian users. Additional mileage and the benefit of another loop will help disperse trail users across the non-motorized trail system surrounding the McKenny and Mima Falls trailheads. I have also been venturing over to the new North Slope trail system near the Grays Harbor ORV Park to ride more challenging, mountain bike specific trails. I believe having another trail in that location will give riders who enjoy steeper flow trails another place to ride and also help to alleviate congestion and conflict on the Fall Creek trail system.

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