Donate to the Fall Creek Event Shelter 


FOCF is planning and building a new shelter for Fall Creek visitors to enjoy. The shelter will provide recreational users a space to take cover from the rain or the sun year-round. FOCF volunteers are working hard on planning and design. Our goal is to have the structure available for use in 2021. Our total fundraising goal is $30k. Please donate today to make the shelter happen. 


About the Shelter




Paying for the Shelter

FOCF is relying on donations to fund the structure. Due to the generosity of Bill Scheit and Melody Meyer, a friend of theirs was able to make a substantial donation to the shelter fund. The donor has agreed to match public donations up to $15,000. Bill and Melody were longtime members of the Olympia mountain biking, gravel riding, road riding and racing communities. They were also dedicated hikers, climbers, birders, and conservationists. We will be forever thankful to Bill and Melody for this generous gift offered in the spirit of being outside in the natural world as much and often as possible.


We also want to thank the Oly Trail Runners. Their generous $2,000 donation has jump-started the fundraising campaign. 


Please visit our fundraising site here to choose your donation and swag option (or brick engraving option), and consider attending the grand opening day for the shelter. (If you do not want to choose a gift option but still want to contribute, go to the upper right corner and click DONATE NOW to contribute the amount of your choice.) 


With your generous donation we offer the following gifts:


Swag Levels

$50 - FOCF & Sasquatch Beer Glass

$75 - FOCF & Sasquatch Front Fender

$125 - FOCF & Sasquatch Trucker Hat

Or, if you prefer a gift and a chance to make your support of the Shelter on permanent display, we're also offering up engraved pavers that will be permanently located on-site:

Brick Engraving Donation Levels

$250 - 4”x8” brick - 2 lines x 16 characters of text, plus your choice of swag

$500 - 8”x8” brick - 4 lines x 16 characters of text, plus your choice of swag

$1000 - 12”x12” brick - 4 lines x 21 characters of text and your business logo, plus your choice of swag

Make your donations and reserve your swag at the FOCF Online Store!

Our Team of professionals include:

David Snyder - Mayor of Capitol Forest

Jeff Cook - Work Party Manager

Ken Leland - AHBL, professional structural engineer


FOCF has secured approval to build a 30 x 30 foot structure featuring large wood posts and beams. Tacoma’s AHBL structural engineers provided expert engineering for the structure. We are extremely grateful for their services. The floor will be covered in gravel or concrete. Picnic tables will provide seating. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 3.11.30 PM.png
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