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RCO # 18-2465 Capitol Forest ORV Trail and Facility Maintenance

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I support funding RCO #18-2465. As a mountain biker, I frequently use the ORV trails in Capitol Forest. This grant will help make those trails more sustainable and more enjoyable. This grant will also support trailhead and facility maintenance, including upkeep of: restrooms, campsites, parking areas and signs... all critically important for maintaining a quality recreational experience. Finally, and perhaps most critically, this grant will fund a year around equipment operator and seasonal crews. The equipment operator will work with and support volunteers to perform trail maintenance. The primary recreation opportunity provided by this project is sustainable and more enjoyable ORV trails and support facilities. Many mountain bike and trail running enthusiasts enjoy the ORV trails as well. Electric (ebike) bicycle use is allowed on ORV trails in the forest and is becoming a more popular form of recreation. In addition to motorized use the ORV trails are frequently used by mountain bikers and trail runners. Please fund this project and make these improvements a reality!

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