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May 2018

The Bowfinger trail, alongside Stormy, is one of the two trails known as the "short trails" at the North Slope. It's a one-way, downhill only trail. Enter Bowfinger by dropping in off of the A-line road at the Stormy trailhead, then bearing left at the trail split, around 600 feet down the trail from the trailhead. At its inception, Bowfinger was thought to be much easier than Stormy proper and so was designated as a blue trail. The trail stays entirely in the woods throughout. There are no mandatory drop or jump features on Bowfinger, but there is a short, punchy "g-out" feature that can be rolled or hucked to flat. The trail has some exposure as it snakes around the north side of the mountain, and there is a fairly high-speed straight descent around halfway through the trail that can generate pretty rattling braking bumps. Expect some slippery root sections toward the bottom of the trail, especially in the wet.


Use caution when merging back in to the Stormy trail, as many riders generate high speeds coming down Stormy and you will have to merge back into that trail to return to the parking area. Thankfully, the trails merge in a less densely-wooded area and Stormy is readily visible well before you will have to merge. Use good common sense and awareness. After merging back in with Stormy, it's a very short, mellow ride to finish off and the trail exits just across the street from the parking area. Slow down before entering the road and look both ways!

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