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  We're excited to announce our first ever Mountain Bike Swap Meet! This is a departure from our regular events because it will be indoors and will not involve digging trails. This event is a fundraiser for FOCF but also will hopefully serve as a way to break up some of the wintertime blues, get you and your friends interested in getting involved with FOCF, and to get bike people meeting bike people. That said, this is a strictly volunteer-run affair and we're learning as we go, so we appreciate your interest and your patience as we work to make this the best swap meet in all of the south sound that's happening on February 4th. 

Want to volunteer? We really, really want to have you. Email or reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or talk to Rye, Oliver, or me (Brian) in person and we'll get you plugged in. We expect to need at least 5 volunteers for the event. We'll make it worth it.

The Plan

  • Doors will open for volunteers for a brief orientation and setup at 12:00

  • Doors will open for vendors (people who want a table to sell stuff from) at 12:30

  • Doors will open for attendees at 1:00

  • Vendor spaces will be offered on a first come, first served basis, but we encourage folks to link up and share spaces if things get tight. We'll help facilitate that where we can. 

  • We're trying to fit as many vendor spaces in as is safely possible, but rough calculations look like somewhere between 30 and 40 spaces will be tetris'd together. Spaces will be approximately 4'x6'. If you want to sit in a chair, bring a chair and if you want to sell from a table, bring a table NO LARGER than 4'x6'.

  • We will not be serving alcohol because we don't have a liquor license.

  • This is our first crack at something like this, but we're going to do our best to be sure everyone has a good time.


The venue will be the South Bay Grange hall, 3918 Slater Kinney Rd. NE, Olympia. We will have access to the vestibule, kitchen, hallway, and dining room there. There is also a dance hall there, but we can not use it. Please stay out of the dance hall. We can dance in the kitchen.

Parking is available in two lots, the paved lot in front of the grange and the gravel lot across S bay Loop NE. We'd love to have a volunteer to help park cars in an orderly manner. Any takers?

Attendee Info

All guests and vendors will check in at the table at the top of the stairs, immediately inside the front door. There will be a 30-minute setup period for all vendors before doors open to attendees. Vendor spaces will be $20 for non members and $10 for members, event entry for non-vendors will be $5 for non-members and free for members. Not a member? We'll be selling memberships at the door per our normal pricing found on this website. We'll have hats there if you choose to buy them when you purchase a membership as well. I'm trying to get a square card reader for membership sales, but bring cash just in case. Also, don't expect that vendors will have change or the ability to take a card. Bring cash bring cash. Lack of change could be a big problem, so bring some small bills, please. 

We're doing this to have a good time talking about bikes and swapping parts with bike people. We're excited to meet you.

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