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North Slope Trails

Your backyard downhill trails

The North Slope trailhead hosts the newest trail additions to the Capitol Forest mountain bike trail system. Unlike the more extensive and cross-country oriented trail system that is accessed via the Fall Creek, Mima Falls, Porter, and McKinney trailheads, the North Slope trails focus a more on intense downhill mountain biking experience. These trails are mountain bike-only downhill trails that include mandatory trail features like jumps and steep “g-out” rolling features. Full face helmets and long-travel enduro or downhill style mountain bikes are recommended here and the trails here are most commonly accessed by self-shuttling bikes and riders to trailheads in vehicles.

Most all of the mountain bike trails at the North Slope were built using a combination of excavators and other trailbuilding machines, and finished by trailbuilding crews during Friends of Capitol Forest’s public monthly North Slope trailbuilding events. These events welcome trail enthusiasts of all skill levels and trail use disciplines to help create usable trails. The North Slope trailhead sits adjacent to the Greys Harbor ORV property and is owned and managed by Washington State DNR.


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