Who are FOCF and What Do We Do?

Friends of Capitol Forest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to making Capitol Forest and the South Puget Sound a premier mountain biking destination, both state-wide and regionally (sorry Tacoma, but we're the South Sound). We've been at this since 2005, and in that time FOCF has worked tirelessly with land managers, legislators, and other user groups to increase the quality and quantity of mountain biking opportunities in Capitol Forest. 

We sponsor multiple work parties every month, both to maintain our existing network and build more miles. We also put on the Capitol Forest Classic, one of the funnest race events in Washington. Come dig with us. Come ride the Forest. 

Recent News

May 2, 2019

Tomorrow is the public meeting for the proposed Kaiser Woods Bike Park. As we've covered before, this meeting is critical. Put simply, Olympia will not get a bike park unless we show the support. There are few opportunities in life where your mere presence can make a difference: this is one of those. The support for this park is clearly there, but no one will know that unless you show up. Again, that's tomorrow, Thur...

April 12, 2019


Thursday, May 2nd - 6:30 PM - Olympia City Hall

As you may know, the City of Olympia is looking to fill the gap in urban off-road cycling opportunities in the South Sound area by creating a bike park in West Olympia's Kaiser Woods. This is an opportunity that cities throughout the Northwest have seized on as a means to provide a safe, fun, and close-in opportunity for riders of all ages to h...

January 8, 2019

2018 was a pretty amazing year for FOCF. We opened up the North Slope trail system, and already have more projects in the works on the north end. We completed phase 1 of the Little Larch climbing trail and made significant progress on phase 2. And, as always, we maintained mile after mile of existing trail in the Forest. Our efforts are paying off. The Forest remains more rideable than ever and now has opportunities to challen...

December 7, 2018

Capitol Forest's DNR Recreational Managers are submitting several grants to help pay for improvements and resources in Capitol Forest. The importance of this work can't be overstated, and we hope all of these grants receive funding. But, every year far more grants are submitted than the available funding. Your support for these projects will help up the chances that these projects succeed. Please take the time to write letters...

September 9, 2018

Our days are definitely getting shorter, and after a long, hot summer, the wet is coming. But, don't hang up the bike just yet. Fall is an incredible time of year to actually increase--not decrease-- your ride time. If you've traditionally been a fair-weather rider, here are a few reasons you should extend your season and get out more this Fall (and even Winter).

Reason #1: Hero Dirt

The long dry days of summer are pre...

April 19, 2018

It’s not often my recreational and professional worlds collide. As much as I’d love to be paid to drive around the country riding trails and posting “sick edits,” there’s one critical barrier: I can’t ride like Jeff Kendall-Weed. I probably can’t even ride like Jeff Kendall-Weed on weed. So, I have a job as an environmental lawyer so I can eat, have a family, ride, and make “lame edits.” So sick, bro.

Anyway, since my earliest...

April 17, 2018

If you have been down towards Fall Creek recently, or poking around off the A-Line, you have probably noticed the signs of our new additions to the Forest. 

Most recently, at the end of March we punched in a short stretch that will connect the bottom-most part of the Level Up trail to the very bottom cut-in to LLMT. While we're still building the last stretch of trail that will continue on into the woods down towards the end of...

March 13, 2018

If you spent any time on the "internets" or the "twitters" last week, you probably saw that little old Washington was the topic of some major (at least by biking standards) news. Namely, at the end of session, the Washington Legislature passed a fairly innocuous bit of law adding a definition of e-bikes that aligns with current industry standards and specifying that certain e-bikes can be ridden on paved surfaces along with re...

February 9, 2018

We are ready to start rehabbing the trail so that we can get GL6 open as soon as possible. We have scouted out the impacted parts of the trail, figured out what can be saved and what can't, and now have a plan to get the trail open again. That's where you come in.

Starting on Saturday, February 24th, we will be doing work on upper GL6 the last Saturday of each month. That means FOCF now has a work party every single weekend. Th...

January 29, 2018

As most everyone knows, the upper section of the Greenline 6 trail was logged in late 2017 and has been largely closed in the interim. We now have light at the end of that tunnel: logging operations are nearing completion and we're ready to start rehabbing the trail. And, FOCF has been retained by the logger to put the trail back in.

Here's where we stand. The upper switchbacks are completely intact, trees and all. The 150 yard...

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