Supreme Court Upholds Washington's Strong Recreational Immunity Law

It’s not often my recreational and professional worlds collide. As much as I’d love to be paid to drive around the country riding trails and posting “sick edits,” there’s one critical barrier: I can’t ride like Jeff Kendall-Weed. I probably can’t even ride like Jeff Kendall-Weed on weed. So, I have a job as an environmental lawyer so I can eat, have a family, ride, and make “lame edits.” So sick, bro. Anyway, since my earliest days studying law, I’ve been a student of Washington’s “recreational use immunity” statute, RCW 4.24.210. I wrote an article on rec. immunity in law school, and then got to work on real-world rec. use issues as a law clerk to the AGO’s Fish Wildlife and Parks division.

New Mileage: We're Close, But Tread Carefully!

If you have been down towards Fall Creek recently, or poking around off the A-Line, you have probably noticed the signs of our new additions to the Forest. Most recently, at the end of March we punched in a short stretch that will connect the bottom-most part of the Level Up trail to the very bottom cut-in to LLMT. While we're still building the last stretch of trail that will continue on into the woods down towards the end of LLMT, this means the tread is now in from the new cut-in (which will also ultimately be the "skills" area) all the way to the BBQ area. Please be aware that the trail is not open yet. There's still some compacting and armoring to do in spots. Because this section is in


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